We chose the name Cayce (a variant of the unisex name Casey and pronounced ‘Kay – See’) because he was born on St Patricks Day (17th March) and it is an Irish Gaelic name – and because we couldn’t decide on any other names, so this was it! The name means observant, alert and vigorous and he’s already showing signs of these traits! Folarin, Cayce’s second name, is of Nigerian origin from the Yoruba language and means walk with glory.

18th July 2014

Date scan at 7 weeks! You can’t really see anything but it’s absolutely amazing there is a little human being growing in there – cocooned within the womb!

Featured image

8th October 2014

At 18 weeks and 5 days, this was the second scan in my pregnancy and is called the Morphology scan – here you can see a little more of baby Cayce as he’s developing in the womb. In this scan you can find out the sex of your baby but we chose not to, preferring to have a surprise!

Featured image Featured image

December 2014
Approx. 30 weeks – chilling out in Melbourne during the Christmas break
Valentines Day 2015
37 weeks and a surprise from Kass for Valentines Day – traded in our beloved Jeep for a more practical car…
16th March 2015
At hospital waiting for the contractions to start – in a few more hours Cayce will be here!
18th March 2015
A very happy dad!
19th March 2015
Leaving the hospital with Cayce – the midwives and other hospital staff had been so supportive and it was such a wonderful experience – the long nine-month wait, all the anxiety and pain was all worth it for this amazing little fella!
25th March 2015
At just nine days old we took Cayce to The Photo Studio in Glebe to take some professional photos of him whilst he was still in the newborn stage – I’m so glad we did this because at six weeks his skin changed when he developed a rash from all the hormones going through his little body.

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Alicia Hetherington; Linda Wise The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Alicia Hetherington; Linda Wise The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Alicia Hetherington; Linda Wise

And some family portraits…
It’s amazing what professional photos can do!

The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Alicia Hetherington; Linda Wise The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Alicia Hetherington; Linda Wise

The grandparents
From the Wise side of the family – Cayce is yet to meet his other Grandma in London.

20150405_125253 20150504_154405

The first couple months at home
Cayce is growing very quickly! We are noticing new improvements each week and sometimes daily in his awareness of the things around him; he’s smiling and starting to interact with us, which is adorable – such memorable times. He’s a big boy too – at 8 weeks he already weighs over 6kg!

20150508_185752 20150331_220520 20150424_212001
20150416_180531 20150511_134506 20150406_113231

The next couple months
Wow! Five months has gone by so quickly.

20150807_103530 20150801_094601 20150520_112709
 20150711_124337 20150716_122527
IMG_8930 IMG_8929

Great Grandma

Cayce’s first meeting with his Great Grandma, my mother’s mother, in Melbourne

Featured image Featured image

Goodbye Sydney – Hello Mansfield
At the start of August we moved from Sydney to Mansfield (also called the ‘High Country’) in Victoria – a picturesque town and the gateway to Mount Buller. We bought a vineyard just on the outskirts of the town centre.
Here’s a photo of the view we have from our property:


See our Mansfield page for further updates and images!
Cayce is growing into a little boy
At just seven months, Cayce is growing very quickly. He now weighs over 9kg!

20150901_235357 20151019_155425 20150904_135117
20150821_123406 20151007_193330 20151007_180343 20151015_152538 20151001_141812

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  1. Hey man…just got the card and I must say, he looks like a chip of the old bloc aye!…Strong name for a strong laddie just like his old man! 🙂


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